About Us

Zeus – King of All Seasonings history:  Spiro Fokas developed a seasoning recipe in a village called Mavrata on the island of Kefalonia and won many awards over the years.  People in Kefalonia called it the King of all Seasonings.  Spiro brought his seasoning mix to Charleston SC and opened up Old Towne Grill  & Seafood in 1972 to share his flavor with all in Downtown Charleston.

The Fokas family continued their restaurant tradition with opening up North Towne Grill & Seafood in 1990 and Zeus Grill & Seafood in 2001.

Pit Masters all over the country have won awards using our seasoning and 100’s of restaurants use Zeus Seasoning every day.

Today the Fokas Family is committed to continue spreading their special seasoning blend  that adds delicious flavor to chicken, steak, salads, pasta, veal, roast, fish, shrimp, octopus, calamari, turkey, ribs, hamburger, omelets, dressings, stews, and vegetable dishes.  You’ll love Zeus Seasoning!



King Street, Charleston, SC

(843) 207-1040