Traditional Greek Seasoning 8oz Includes 1 Bottle

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We charge the least amount of shipping as possible. If you order one 8.4 ounce spice the shipping is $2.95 and for two 8.4 ounce spice, the shipping is $3.95.  3 to 6 8.4 ounce spice is $4.95.

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This is a true Greek Seasoning! This seasoning is a blend of 16 all natural spices that bring the flavor of the Greek Isles to your table. Zeus Seasoning does not contain MSG. The seasoning is excellent on all meats and fish. It is also an excellent flavor enhancer for stews, soups, sauces, and salads. You will Love this!

We will ship your order US Postal Service Priority Mail. If you order one 8.4 ounce spice the shipping is $2.95 and for two 8.4 ounce spice, the shipping is $3.95.  3 to 6 8.4 ounce spice is $4.95.


  1. This stuff is THE BOMB…a friend of ours gave us a bottle and now we are completely hooked. Can’t cook a thing without it. Try it – you won’t be able to do without it!! JWW ABQ, NM

  2. I put worchestire on pork chops and season with Zeus then grill and everyone raves about them. great with grilled sweet potatoes.

  3. I have been using this for years, should be more widely available. You should sell to whole foods or something. Great to have NO MSG! This is my go to seasoning for everything and really adds wonderful flavor without salt or anything artificial. I can’t say enough good things!

  4. What do you “Zeus”? We “Zeus” just about everything – all meats & fish, eggs, veggies, grilled things, seared things, etc. We make sure the new bottle is ordered before the old one is too close to running out. The best all-around seasoning there is!

  5. This used to be sold at Winn Dixie’s in North Carolina but now Winn Dixie’s are closed in my area and hard to find elsewhere. I’m thankful I can purchase it on line! The best seasoning around. I use it for everything you can imagine! There is no other Greek seasoning on the market that compares to Zues! Believe me, I’ve tried them all and have searched for one that equals this one…there isn’t any! Thank you for a fabulous product that never changes or disappoints! I’ll forever be a lifelong customer.

  6. buy it for yourself, buy it for a gift. love the zeus seasoning. my cousin uses it when he makes beef jerky, we use it on grilled anything (veggies, meat). Love it in tuna salad!

  7. I have used Zeus for seems like 20 years, love, love, love it, anybody that tasted it – is hooked, I have spread the taste to Germany, Conn. etc, and all my family love it, they use it at the campground and everybody does ask, what is that taste, my neighbors love, what can I say I could not cook without it, I use it in rice, pasta, salad dressing, meat, eggs, what can I say it enhances the flavor, a little bit, or sometimes more, in EVERYTHING. Little bit of the Greek God “Zeus” I need it to eat…Thank you

  8. This is the BEST stuff for Chicken Wings. My husband has a famous following for the wings he makes with this special secret ingredent. Thanks for all the awesome parties!

  9. This is the best seasoning out there! I found it in the grocery store in NC 4 years ago and tried a bottle… and I was instantly hooked. It’s the perfect seasoning for so many foods, and there’s no MSG, which is important because MSG makes me ill. I’ve moved to the Chicago area since, and it’s not available in the stores up here… so I’m very happy it can be purchased on line. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you really don’t know what you’re missing! Tim Chicago, IL

  10. I use it on smoking a whole chicken and it is always great. I have a fried that uses this spice on everything – even scrambled eggs!

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